Rehab Partners

My knowledge in real estate developed through my experience as a licensed real estate agent and appraiser. I was also fortunate to partner with some very successful real estate developers and learned a lot about the rehab business.

As someone who believes in education through experience, being able to take properties from asset valuation, the rehab process, managing contractors and vendors and marketing them for sale is why I’m the ideal partner for anyone looking to learn this business. If you have a deal you would like to partner with me, reach out so we can formulate a win win situation for all parties involved.

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Finance Partners

We work with several different lending partners such as private lending intuitions, banks and high net worth individuals. We're always looking to grow our lending portfolio so if you're interested in how I can help your money work for you, contact us and we can discuss current and future opportunities that will grow your money.

Taking action on the knowledge we already posses is a challenge that affects many people. I’ve found this to be the number one obstacle that separates successful individuals from those who keep missing on opportunities to become successful
— Danyl Collings, Managing Partner