Residential Appraisal Services

Four Core Valuations, LLC provides residential appraisal services throughout Massachusetts.  Our staff of certified and FHA approved appraisers bring years of experience working for lenders, attorneys, government agency's, homeowners and real estate agents to meet all residential valuation needs.  A summary of our various services are outlined below:

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Market Value APpraisals

This value for lenders, banks, mortgage companies, attorney and homeowners is typically market value.  These appraisal services is a majority of our work and one of the most ordered type of value in the appraisal business today.

Retrospective Value Appraisals (Estate and Divorce)

Many lenders order review appraisals on reports completed by other appraisers to make sure the report meets Government Agency guidelines. These review appraisals keep our client in compliance with their loan portfolio. 

Estate and divorce appraisals also involve a value from the past since they are based on the date of death/divorce of the person in control of the real estate asset.

Desktop Appraisals

Some clients will order appraisals based on extraordinary assumptions since these assignments are completed from the computer without an interior inspection. These are usually 24 hour turn time assignments which are vital in verifying a value before a loan is funded on the appraisal in a current real estate transaction.


Prospective and Hypothetical Value APpraisals

New Construction, relocation and clients looking for a future value on a proposed new build usually need this type of appraisal value.  We can give you a value of a property based on a future design or land use which is supported through forecasting and an analysis of current and past market trends.

Home equity and Drive By value appraisals

Sometimes a value based on assumptions of current or past information without inspecting the inside of a property is required for lower risk loan products.  This value is also helpful for foreclosure properties or situations were access to the property is not feasible.